Monday, August 22, 2011

IKRA, i.e. caviar.

Caviar - IKRA!

Caviar is the food of the Tzars....not anymore. It used to be though. Now, anyone can buy it in Kazakhstan. I am sure same goes in Russia. The caviar on the picture below is from the Caspian Sea that washes the western part of Kazakhstan.

I am not sure if Kazakh caviar can be exported. I believe local government put restrictions around selling it outside of the country. I do not know all the details. But, we were lucky enough to have this tasty caviar sandwich in Almaty in the spring of 2011.

Ikra sandwiches are served on New Year's Eve celebration, on the weddings, and on the banquettes. It is a sign of one's well being as it happens that Ikra is quite pricey to say the least. Ikra is served on baguette looking white breads cut in thin pieces and on a thin slice of butter. Sometimes, Ikra will be served on small round pastries baked from phyllo dough. The Russian name IKRA is very reminiscent of IKURA, i.e. a Japanese name for the caviar. The Russian word's might as well been inherited from the culture of the Rising Sun :-)

How about you? Do you like Ikra and have you tasted one in Russia or in Kazakhstan?

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